How We Work

We engage diverse perspectives and gather the skills and resources necessary to deliver both measurable and qualitative results on issues of regional significance.

Meet the BARC Team

Get to know our staff, the governing board, and the four agencies that make up BARC. 

1. We collaborate.

BARC collaborates with our four member agencies and other key stakeholders to work proactively on a range of regional issues that are important to Bay Area residents and jurisdictions.

Understanding we can't solve complex challenges alone, BARC member agencies and partners bring together our respective skills and expertise to develop solutions. 

2. We explore.

Exploration means encouraging thoughtful inquiry. A willingness to challenge “business as usual” is necessary to address multi-faceted challenges. BARC values exploration as a way to build trust and partnerships among diverse stakeholders.  

We believe it’s OK to try things, take risks, sometimes make mistakes, and engage in the messy process of problem solving with diverse partners to address the significant challenges we face in the 21st century. 

3.  We strategize.

BARC emphasizes strategies that encourage flexibility, responsiveness and entrepreneurship.

Our projects and initiatives are designed with both near and long term considerations. We co-design strategies with partners that address immediate concerns, while also setting in motion progress for long term challenges.

Result: Actionable Planning

At the core of actionable planning is the ability to continually evaluate our approach and ask key questions.

Are we on the right track? Is everyone at the table that needs to be at the table? Do we need to adjust our strategies to be more effective?

Every BARC project is designed to be responsive to new information. Innovation can only result when people from diverse backgrounds and skillsets work together with a shared goal in mind.

Read about the projects here at BARC.