Adapting to Rising Tides – ART Bay Area

The ART Bay Area project is the first regional-scale effort to understand the interconnected vulnerabilities of Bay Area communities, natural systems and critical transportation infrastructure to increased flooding and sea level rise.

ART Partners

Read about our partners and current projects that are helping to advance our understanding of places we need to protect.

Through a comprehensive regional understanding of where we are most vulnerable and under what conditions, BARC and ART partners can start to employ the most effective strategies to address different types of vulnerabilities. We then measure the impact those strategies are making over time to make us more resilient.  

Who’s Involved

Through the ART Bay Area project, regional and local stakeholders – including local community members at the frontlines of risk – are using the best available science to advance our understanding of places we need to protect, now and into the future. 

ART Bay Area relies on the engagement of myriad partners to lay the foundation for how the Bay Area region will manage the impacts of sea level rise and flooding. Developing a Regional Adaptation Plan requires an “all hands on deck” collaborative approach that includes leadership from:  

  • The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)
  • The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)
  • The San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) and SPUR 
  • The Natural Capital Project at Stanford 
  • The Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII)
  • Regional Working Group and local community-based participation 

Informing the Process

ART Bay Area convenes with stakeholders from across sectors at the local and regional scale to share resources and advise on decisions and outcomes throughout the duration of the project.

Regional Working Group members come together at regular intervals to hear key updates and provide valuable input based on their expertise as asset managers, transit operators, local, state and regional public servants, and as community leaders. This project is paving the way for improving collaboration across scales and sectors.


The ART Bay Area team is developing a regional set of regularly updated, shared data that everyone can operate from. This critical information will be utilized to inform decision-making around investments; it will identify the vulnerabilities of communities, assets and infrastructure along a continuum of risk—from immediate to near-term to long-term.

This data will also be designed to help communities and jurisdictions track how interventions made along the shoreline are “moving the needle” in meeting resilience goals.

Bottom line? The future is dependent on working in a collaborative environment and integrating critical data into all our relevant planning efforts – and keeping it transparent and easy to access.

Project Funders

The ART Bay Area project is funded through a Sustainable Communities Grant from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). A matching grant is also funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).