Raising the Bar on Regional Resilience

A resilient Bay Area is a region that is well positioned to manage and respond to the uncertainties and physical hazards associated with the Bay Area’s geographic setting and changing climate while protecting vulnerable people and communities, critical infrastructure and the natural environment. 

What is Resilience?

The capacity of individuals, communities, and systems to survive, adapt and grow in the face of shocks. - Estuary Blueprint

To understand the status of Bay Area resilience, BARC set out to assemble a critical mass of research and analysis to assess our standing in addressing the threats of flooding, sea level rise and seismic events.

The result? Raising the Bar on Regional Resilience Report, PDF.

An Overview

Our BARC report provides background and supporting research for the following:  

  • Data on current and future hazards for the region’s housing, jobs, transportation, open space, and other critical infrastructure 
  • An introduction to the types of strategies and responses being employed to address vulnerabilities to flooding, sea level rise, and earthquake preparedness 
  • Groundwork for integrating research and data into future versions of the state-mandated Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS), and into municipal and community planning processes 
  • Foundational equity principles that must be incorporated in all actions to foster greater resiliency. Community members must have a place in the process, from the framing of problems to the development and implementation of solutions 
  • Outlines for steps needed to develop a Regional Resilience Plan that fully integrates multi-hazard planning with climate change mitigation and adaptation measures

Next Steps

Our first step was to gather information and data that captures the state of progress among a diversity of agencies, organizations, and local leadership. Our next step is to lay the groundwork for enhancing our regional planning process to better integrate resilience planning and strategy implementation. 

BARC wants to strongly support multi-hazard, multi-benefit initiatives and strategies that increase the Bay Area’s resilience.

Review BARC successes and the planning stages of current projects.