BARC Kicks Off Shared Work Plan Development

Following the adoption of BARC's Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change in September of 2021, cross-agency working groups from BARC's member agencies have begun the process of developing a Shared Work Plan, which will strategically align agency planning and regulatory initiatives within a 1-5 year time frame in order to accelerate the implementation of specific strategies that advance shared climate mitigation and adaptation goals. 

Berkeley becomes first U.S. city to ban natural gas connections in new buildings

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday night, Berkeley became the first city in the U.S. to ban natural gas connections in new buildings. Beginning in 2020, all new buildings in Berkeley, including commercial and residential construction, will be all-electric, with certain temporary exemptions for specific types of building systems. Existing buildings will not be affected.

San Jose set to become largest U.S. city to enact natural gas ban

An article in the Mercury News reported that on Tuesday, San Jose's city council approved an ordinance barring natural gas in new single-family homes, low-rise multifamily buildings and detached granny flats beginning next year. San Jose is now the largest city to pass an ordinance banning natural gas from many new buildings, joining the cities of Berkeley and Menlo Park in taking ambitious action to reduce current and future greenhouse gas emissions.