BARC Adopts Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change

On September 17th, 2021, the BARC Governing Board unanimously approved a Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change, through which its member agencies committed to working with BARC staff to develop a Shared Work Plan that will advance coordinated implementation of some of the highest-priority actions identified in the key regional agency plans and platforms over the next one to five years. Through this Shared Work Plan, BARC will help to advance the visions and goals that its member agencies have formed to address the escalating impacts of climate change affecting the Bay Area, including sea level rise, flooding, drought, extreme heat, and wildfires. 

"Not merely a symbolic commitment to coordination, or a repackaging of existing agency plans, the Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change will serve as a catalyst for more aligned and efficient regional action," wrote BARC Executive Director Allison Brooks in a memo accompanying the Joint Resolution. "In this way, the resolution advances the key guiding principles included in the strategic plan developed and approved by the BARC Governing Board in 2015."

Pursuant to the Resolution, BARC staff are commencing work on the Shared Work Plan in the fall of 2021. BARC staff will work closely with member agency leadership over the next several months to align agency resources to achieve regional climate change goals expeditiously and efficiently, in accordance with BARC's core principles of cooperation and alignment. 

The BARC Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change is available under our Tools & Resources section.