BARC Governing Board Approves Shared Work Plan

On May 20th, 2022 the BARC Governing Board approved the BARC Shared Work Plan.

After a 5 month- process, including numerous working group meetings and a two-month-long public comment period, BARC has synthesized 3 initiatives to strategically align agency planning and regulatory initiatives to advance shared climate mitigation and adaptation goals.

In September 2021, the BARC Governing Board approved the Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change. The Resolution is an urgent call for action by the BARC member agencies to work together to measurably reduce the harmful contributors to and the impacts from climate change in the Bay Area, particularly for people and communities at the frontlines of risk.

The BARC Shared Work Plan is designed as a mechanism by which the agencies will do just that, outlining three ambitious initiatives to produce measurable results within the next one to five years to equitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance a strategic regional approach to adapting to climate change:

  1. Regional Multi-Hazard Adaptation Plan
  2. Regional Climate Adaptation Technical Assistance
  3. Zero-Emission Transit Bus Infrastructure

Building off work in which the seven participating agencies are already engaged, the Shared Work Plan aims to foster greater collaboration and an inclusive environment in which the agencies’ work can be continually informed, enriched, and improved.

BARC will continually provide updates on the progress of this work on its website.

Read the BARC Shared Work Plan.
Read the Joint Resolution to Address Climate Change.