California's 4th Climate Change Assessment: San Francisco Bay Area Region Report

BARC is a contributing author to the Bay Area Region report, part of California's 4th Climate Change Assessment. Written in partnership with several local and regional stakeholders, the Bay Area Region report provides a multi-sector perspective intended to arm local and regional decision makers with actionable information on climate risks, translating the more refined climate models specifically for California, into localized technical reports for Bay Area's urban and natural systems. The report summarizes ongoing efforts in the Bay Area to understand how these potential impacts to our economy, utilities, and natural lands will affect the region, and how to prepare for them at the local scale. Among the projects and partnerships cited are Climate Ready North Bay's decision-making tools designed to support better watershed management in the face of climate risk, and Resilient by Design: Bay Area Challenge, a cross-disciplinary design challenge that highlights innovative sea level rise adaptation opportunities in 9 locations around the Bay. Read the report in full here.