How COVID Put a $10 Billion Emergency on the Back Burner

A recent article by NBC Bay Area highlights how the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ensuing fiscal crisis, has resulted in a number of critical climate adaptation projects and initiatives being delayed or put on hold as local, regional and state government budgets are squeezed. The article highlights a number of projects and policies to cope with climate impacts that have been delayed due to Covid-19, including a $4.7 billion climate resilience bond proposed by the Governor's office that was shelved.

"COVID-19 has stopped or stalled at least a dozen Bay Area projects designed to prevent damage from rising sea levels. And experts say time is running out, as the latest NASA readings show exponential increases in ocean and bay water levels around the Bay Area," according to the article.

How COVID Put a $10 Billion Emergency on the Back Burner, NBC Bay Area