Released today: A blueprint for rising SF Bay area tides

Scientists report that 4,100 homes in San Mateo County and nearly 4,400 in Marin County could be underwater by 2045. A blueprint called the "SF Bay Shoreline Adaption Atlas" was released today that outlines how communities should combat sea-level rise. It's predicted that this report will become a national model.

Allison Brooks, Executive Director of BARC and a member of the project advisory team says, "The Atlas is a valuable resource for the Bay Area to help us determine the most appropriate and effective interventions to make along our shoreline in the face of the increasing threats of flooding and sea level rise. It helps us answer some big questions – how do we enhance and conserve the remarkable ecology of this place we call home, while also adapting to changing climate conditions that threaten life as we know it?

Read "Blueprint to battle Bay Area sea-level rise focuses on natural solutions" on the SF Chronicle website.