Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge featured in new SF Federal Reserve Bank innovation report

A paper discussing the outcomes of the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge was published today in the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank's Community Development Innovation Review. The paper, entitled Drawing a New Roadmap: The Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge, was authored by Allison Brooks, BARC Executive Director. 

Resilient by Design was a project in 2017-18 that mobilized a collaborative effort to develop strategies to adapt to the impacts of sea level rise along the San Francisco Bay shoreline. The process, which produced nine innovative design concepts spanning the Bay Area, also confronted questions of community development, including how to best engage at-risk populations in critical decisions, and how municipalities should pro-actively incorporate resilience into capital planning.

The paper also synthesizes lessons that emerged from the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge, including the need to use multi-benefit projects to leverage diverse financing sources and to build off of community knowledge first in the design process.

The paper is available here, with the full Community Development Innovation Review report available here.