State Route 37 could be underwater by the end of the next decade

A recent article in SFGate highlights the findings from a recent report from CalTrans, predicting that State Route 37 will be permanently underwater by the end of 2040 if significant adaptive measures are not taken.

SR 37, which connects Novato and Vallejo, serves as a crucial corridor for nearly 50,000 vehicles a day-- a number expected only to increase. It is imperative that we act swiftly in order to protect not only this section of the highway, but to prevent congestion in neighboring travel corridors as well. 

Along with its partners, BARC managed the development of The Grand Bayway Project, a result of the SR 37 Public Access scoping study. The project team laid out a foundation for an "Ecological Central Park" that would not only raise the highway above sea level, but also restore much-needed marshland and sensitive habitats surrounding it.

Image credit: SFGate