For a world of rising sea levels, a showcase of proposed solutions

In a week largely dedicated to climate mitigation at the Global Climate Action Summit, the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge presented a perspective on the pressing challenges and opportunities for adapting the Bay Area to future flooding. At a pop-up store front not far from the Bay Area Metro Center, the home of many of the BARC member agencies, Resilient by Design hosted a week-long exhibition showcasing the innovative multi-disciplinary solutions that emerged from the year-long design competition. John King, the architectural critic for the SF Chronicle, features the creative adaptation ideas that were developed in partnership with youth and community members from the Bay Area, and speaks to Resilient by Design leadership, and BARC partner the State Coastal Conservancy, about some of the possibilities envisioned for assets to the region such as State Route 37, and Alameda Creek. Members of the public were able to walk among the designs put together by local and international design teams, which re-imagine familiar sights around the Bay Area, as something new and resilient to the water levels projected in the near future. Read the full story here.