We review local, regional and national news that touches on our work here at BARC. Whether it be renewable energy, rising sea levels, racial segregation or the changing landscape of new laws and new technologies that will shape our communities.

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You can't take on climate change without tackling sprawl...

March 4, 2019 — Greta Moran,  a Grist news fellow, covers transportation and greenhouse gases in her report. "Carbon-belching cars, trucks, and planes are now the greatest source of U.S. carbon emissions, a title held by power generation until 2017. It’s a sprawling problem that accounts for more than a ...

Recognition is spreading that communities need to build resilience to climatic and coastal threats

February 28, 2019 — This 2019 National Geographic article captures current perceptions and preparations around the country and the globe, to the far-ranging impacts of climate change from wildlife to torrential rain......


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