We review local, regional and national news that touches on our work here at BARC. Whether it be renewable energy, rising sea levels, racial segregation or the changing landscape of new laws and new technologies that will shape our communities.

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Climate change growing pains are real but necessary: Today, New York must advance its major resiliency projects

November 13, 2019 — An article posted today in the New York Daily News describes the ongoing efforts to implement an ambitious and complex climate adaptation...

Climate Change Is Hitting the Insurance Industry Hard. Here’s How Swiss Re Is Adapting

October 29, 2019 — A recent article in Fortune describes the measures that Swiss Re, the world's largest re-...

Secret Deal Helped Housing Industry Stop Tougher Rules on Climate Change

October 26, 2019 — A recent New York Times article describes a previously undisclosed agreement that has guaranteed industry representatives seats on two powerful committees that approve building codes...

Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge featured in new SF Federal Reserve Bank innovation report

October 17, 2019 — A paper discussing the outcomes of the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge was published today in the...

The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America

October 10, 2019 — The New York Times today published an article with detailed maps of automobile emissions in the U.S. Despite significant national progress in...


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