We review local, regional and national news that touches on our work here at BARC. Whether it be renewable energy, rising sea levels, racial segregation or the changing landscape of new laws and new technologies that will shape our communities.

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A Crisis Right Now: San Francisco and Manila Face Rising Seas

February 14, 2020 — An article in the New York Times highlights the shared threat that both San Francisco and Manila, in the Philippines, face due to rising sea levels, while highlighting the different sets...

SF Water Board proposes policy changes to protect San Francisco Bay and Outlying Areas

January 24, 2020 — Today at the BARC Governing Board meeting, the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) announced proposed changes to the region's Water Quality Control Plan, known as the Basin Plan, to better protect shorelines from sea level rise, storm surges, and flooding. ...

Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) releases new report on sea level rise

January 13, 2020 — In December 2019, the California Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) released a new report entitled "Preparing for Rising Seas: How the State Can Help Local Coastal Adaptation Efforts". The report acknowledges that the State has a vested...

As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy: Saying ‘No’ to Developers

November 21, 2019 — An article posted in the New York Times this week highlights the alarming rate of climate-vulnerable development occurring across the country and the measures that cities are...


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