We review local, regional and national news that touches on our work here at BARC. Whether it be renewable energy, rising sea levels, racial segregation or the changing landscape of new laws and new technologies that will shape our communities.

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The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim.

July 7, 2019 — A new article in the Los Angeles Times describes the effects that sea level rise is having on California coastal communities. Sea level rise of greater than 9 feet could occur by the end of this century, in...

Los Angeles Fire Season Is Beginning Again. And It Will Never End. A bulletin from our climate future.

May 31, 2019 — Los Angeles fire season is beginning again and we are all on watch in the state of California. "Fires ignite randomly — downed power lines, out-of-control campsites — and so they are hard to predict. It is expected that by 2050 the area burned each year by forest fires across the western...

Released today: A blueprint for rising SF Bay area tides

May 2, 2019 — Scientists report that 4,100 homes in San Mateo County and nearly 4,400 in Marin County could be underwater by 2045. A blueprint called the "SF Bay Shoreline Adaption Atlas" was released today that outlines how communities should combat sea-level rise. It's predicted that this report will become...

North Bay's Highway 37 Is Going to Be a Serious Climate Threat

April 16, 2019 — "How much longer can we have Highway 37 in the way that it is, without preparing for sea level rise?" wonders Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael. That future is coming at us fast, with rising sea levels, high tides and extreme weather events. At the current pace of global warming, in...

The Governance of Sea Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay Area: results from a survey of stakeholders

March 25, 2019 — A large community of policy stakeholders in the San Francisco Bay Area have been debating the risks and adaptive solutions to sea level rise. BARC shows up as a major regional hub. "While there is emerging agreement about the risks posed by sea level rise, a major challenge...


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