Our Work

The focus of what we do, how we do it and the projects we engage in at the local and regional level reflects our commitment to problem solving. We believe working together is the only way we can address the biggest challenges impacting current and future generations in the Bay Area.

BARC’s Four Member Agencies

Meet the team: ABAG, BAAQMD, BCDC and MTC. 

BARC’s unique composition helps develop innovative ideas and action-oriented plans to address critical issues impacting the region.

Areas of Work: BARC builds collaboration across our member agencies to help solve 21st century challenges resulting from climate change and social and racial inequities.

How We Work: By engaging in innovative problem solving with diverse stakeholders – each with a unique sets of skills, expertise and perspective – we can create a Bay Area that fosters racial equity, reduces climate change impacts and improves the resilience of all communities to social, economic and environmental stressors.

Projects: We engage in a variety of projects at both the local and regional level to better address crosscutting issues, lift up best practices that can be adapted to other places, and forge lasting partnerships that are essential to ongoing success and measurable impact.