BARC’s unique composition fosters innovative ideas and action-oriented plans to address critical issues impacting people and places.

We build collaboration across our member agencies to deal with the causes and impacts of climate change, with a focus on putting the needs and concerns of frontline, low-income communities front and center.

Resilient Bay Area
How are we managing the uncertainties of a changing climate? Get the updates on the projects that emerged from the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge and the foundational work accomplished through the Adapting to Rising Tides Bay Area (ART Bay Area) project, Plan Bay Area 2050 and other regional-scale efforts to prepare the region for climate change impacts like increased flooding and sea level rise.

Carbon Free Future
Can we reduce greenhouse gases to minimize the impacts of climate change on our communities, ecology and economy? BARC is working with key partners to bring to scale some of the best practices to reduce carbon-use in buildings and in the transportation sector.

Did You Know

There is a strong diversity and social equity focus in every project we address at BARC. We apply the training received over multiple years of involvement in the Government Alliance of Race and Equity (GARE) and through other community-based efforts to put the needs and concerns of frontline, low-income people first in our work.

BARC Focus

We believe working together is the only way we can address the biggest challenges impacting current and future generations in the Bay Area.