The Bay Area highway most exposed to sea level rise

An interactive article in the San Francisco Chronicle today highlights the North Bay's State Route 37, perhaps the stretch of highway in the Bay Area most threatened by rising sea levels. SR 37 is bellwether for the costly and complex issues the region will face as sea level rise, combined with high tides, already threatens to flood the roadways and nearby farms.

CEC Approves $95 Million Plan for Critical Clean Transportation Investments

The California Energy Commission (CEC) today approved a $95 million plan for critical clean transportation investments to expedite the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and help the state reach its climate, air quality, and other goals. The plan also focuses on closing an anticipated gap in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and increasing program benefits to disadvantaged communities.

The plan calls for:

New York State Proposes $3 Billion Bond for Climate Resiliency

Despite the daunting threat posed by COVID-19, the State of New York is not putting climate resiliency on the backburner. A proposed $3 billion bond measure titled “Restore Mother Nature” highlights that - despite the current health and economic challenges being faced by COVID-19 -  lawmakers are willing to prepare for changing climate conditions by laying the groundwork for long-term investments in resiliency.