Scientists Develop Method To Cool One of the World’s Hottest Cities by 8°F

The findings of recent study, published in Nature Cities, show that a multi-faceted strategy to address extreme urban heat can cool Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh, by up to 8.1°F. These strategies include a combination of highly reflective ‘super cool’ building materials, irrigated greenery, and energy retrofitting measures. Extreme urban heat affects more than 450 cities worldwide, increasing energy consumption needs and adversely impacting health, including heat-related illness and death. The study is the first to investigate the large-scale energy benefits of modern heat mitigation technologies when implemented in a city. Modeling shows that instead of taking this approach wholesale, rather there are optimal location-based combinations for technologies, irrigated urban greening, and building retrofits that are most effective. Read more in tis article: by University of New South Wales in the SciTechDaily website.