U.S. Billion-dollar Weather Disasters Set an All-time Record in 2023

According to NOAA, the United States recorded 28 weather and climate disasters that topped a billion dollars in damages in 2023, including California flooding in from January through March. The total cost of these events exceeds $92 billion (inflation adjusted) which is the ninth highest on record. Along with the economic cost, these disasters killed 492 people in 2023, including the drought and heats waves of the across South and the firestorm in Maui.  Learn more about the impacts and records set in 2023 in this article: https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2024/01/u-s-billion-dollar-weather-disasters-set-an-all-time-record-in-2023-with-28/?mc_cid=f24ff78a38&mc_eid=8ef15baf79  by Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, published by Yale Climate Connections.